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Engage, Equip & Uplift

The Summer Schools of Evangelisation run by the Disciples of Jesus Community are truly amazing experiences to be a part of. They engage, uplift and equip people to 'make disciples of all nations'. They've certainly helped me to know, worship and love God. I highly recommend them.
- Martin

Life Changing

I only went to one and it changed my life. Before SSE my faith was almost irrelevant to me... But good people, great fun, and some serious moments of encounter with God changed my whole perspective and suddenly Jesus was part of my life again... and the best part of my life. All thanks to the SSE experience. - Stephen

Start Your Year Right

Summer schools are my favouite way to start off the year! It's a whole week to hang out with incredible people, make new friends, eat delicious food and learn more about God and grow in your faith! I've been to 8 now and each one always seems to be completely different I would recommend it to anyone the week will change your life! - Meg

Retreat and Reflect

One of the great things about Summer School is that the mix of formation, prayer, Sacraments and sense of community allows for an amazing retreat experience unlike any other. There is a sense of purpose to each and every day and I know that I come out the other side changed for the better. I highly recommmend SSE! - Peter

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